Hit me up..

If you wanna be truly visually and mentally stimulated by film that actually pushes social and visual boundaries..

In all honesty though..

Fuck fame.. I want to write a book or two, but actual hard core fame? Not for me.. I don’t believe for one second even the nicest person in Hollywood is all that nice..

Never forget.. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer unless you’re willing to go to extreme lengths to pull yourself out.. and yes, the rich steal from the poor all the time to make more money..

I’m speaking in terms of individual wealth. The independently wealthy.. they do their mandatory philanthropic efforts in order to appear a certain way to keep the masses off their collective backs..

Think of it this way.. every time you see a movie or watch tv, and in some cases music although I’m hesitant to throw a universal language into the mix. You are plugged into the machine in order to keep you numb from your own existence.. sometimes that’s okay, but come on..

Seee guys..

The following might be worth being famey for..

I want strangers to psycho analyze my every fart..

I duuunnooo, is 36 too old to become the next Ariana Grande? Hmmmm..

Also.. Valentines Day plans or weekend plans.. watch John Wick movies and eat junk food.. I’m single so yeah, viva la blood and gore..