I have a lawyer..

Do not go near my blog anymore motherfuckers..

And I am done writing on it.. fuck off.. and fuck social media too..

Leave me alone forever.. I don’t want shit to do with anybody anymore.. I just want to work and be left alone..

I don’t want friends. I don’t want family..

And work can defend that bogus ass bullshit customer.. there is such a thing as a customer abusing an employee..

Flex and pimp away..

Leave me the fuck alone. I sooo don’t care.. I’m deleting every song in my phone by them.. I’m just over it all.. Don’t ever bother me with that bullshit again.. take that shit on down the road..

The following..

That need to stay the fuck away from me and my kid and my blog my work all of it..

Anybody shady that identifies with shady or Eminem..

My family.. all of them..

Any of my families friends..

Joe and his entire family..

All of Joe and his families friends..

Anybody that claimed me as friend from before..

I never want to see or speak to any of you again, and you’d better stay the fuck away.. sorry if you drug addicted drug dealing assholes can’t handle being called out..

Fuuuuck. Offff.. I have a lawyer..