Forget me..

My family has been advised to do just that..

And spread that message on to Joe and his family..

Dustin and his..

And other old “friends”..

Forget me..

I will not be showing.up in any.of your alls lives..

I explained I have a new life now..its just me and my vibe..

There isnt anybody else welcome right now..

My old life isnt allowed in my new one..

None of the old people including Eli are allowed back in my life..

It really is just me..and me only..

I have asked for them to tell Eli I am dead..

I don’t need anybody I don’t depend on anybody..

I don’t want anybody..

I don’t want anything but my paycheck I work hard for..

All else is bullshit.. money is the only thing that is real..

I don’t believe in love..happiness..caring..all that other fuzzy crap..

You wanna feel that way go watch a fuckin Hallmark movie..

This prolly isn’t ever going to be the place for that..

Money is the only thing that is real..

I am not interested in relationships with humans..

I only care about me..and money now..

This is my new life it will remain just me..

Not sure how I can stalk anybody if I am not interested in any human relationship whatsoever..