Let’s try to keep the drama at my workplace to a minimum..

I don’t really bother anybody.. I work all day..and then crash..

I don’t.blame the cops for having to serve me papers..they’re just doing their job..

I blame my sister for causing drama in my life..and bringing it into my work..

I was completely mortified.. And embarrassed.. i had to walk back into work and pretend nothing happened..

Yeah don’t anybody ever show up at my work again for any reason..

Getting served papers over shit i didn’t do for starters.. Secondly i hope the bitch gets it.. Because that means she has to stay the fuck away from me to..

Why they keep getting their way legally when they’ve tried to kill me with proof on video.. Threatened it..

And they play victim to me and doesn’t matter what I say because I have a mental health issue so fuck me right..

Suddenly that just makes me I guess stupid..

Since when are my PRIVATE HEALTH MATTERS ammunition for anything legal..

What is the point of being treated now?. Why even bother?. Just gets used against me why even try now..

She better never try to be in my life again..and that goes for her idiot husband and his idiot family..

And yes they are drug dealers that don’t pay their taxes..

Neither have had a real job in years and they magically afford all kinds of shit..

I’ll see it as the evil bitch did me a favor..my phone numbers are changed and when I move, nobody knows where I live..

She better never try to be in my life again..

And no I was only diagnosed with MDD.. She lied..on purpose..to get her way..

What with all the lying about me and my life and false bullshit legally over and over and everybody screwing me over and my life because I have a health issue it’s a wonder I’m depressed..

Maybe she can show the judge where she wrote murder and redrum on the bathroom mirrors and then tell him how I’m the danger..

I never need or want to speak to any of my family ever again..

Joe or his family..

Dustin or his family..

Ever again..