I’m gonna say this one time.. Anybody that is him down below or idolize’s him or resembles his lifestyle in any way.. I mean he’s a fuckin dime he ain’t got no fuckin type..and prolly never fuckin will..

Throwin shade, bitches..that’s just how them types feel..

Don’t try to change them, don’t think you’re gonna be the girl that makes him different.. You aren’t going to be that girl, I assure you..

See you running a game on him.. The I can change the bad boy into loving me game.. And while he might be a fuckin scoundrel.. Not fair to him.. And guys like that more often than not, pretty up front about their chosen lifestyle.. You can’t put the blame on him..

Yeah sure a shady guy, not mentioning names, sure he’s the guilt.. Different scenario though..

Anyways, I know he is shady, always known, always knew he was like the way he is, and I’ve kept my distance..

Never tried to change him. Not once..

Please pay attention to the following video.. The words and the music and the video itself.. I’m gonna need some serious comprehension from people now..

That is truly.. Completely.. Absolutely just how Marshall Mathers feels.. Shades been done, everybody move on..

Everybody else for the most part just Stanning, and it is getting on my last nerve..