Don’t call me a coward because you all can’t handle..

Don’t you daare project your lost mix shitty issues on tooo meee..

Yeah no, not telling anybody where i am now is just being smart it doesnt have shit to do with cowardice..

I am nooot going to be harassed again.. and yeah my harassers theyre the the cowards..

Everybody still arguin over fuckin connects again i see..

I am not suicidal because i was all on some thing..

And at this point i might as well be to fucking end rockwell..

Way to go you completely fail to understand depression and anxiety agaaain..Do not put words into my mouth..and just because the motherfucker ilegallly put a sound bite of me in that mix doesnt meaaan shiit..

Dont presume to know what i think or feel..

Maaaybe i doont know lay off the pot and drugs and beer there you ignorant fuck..

Cleearly you all cant handle your liquor..

Yeah I dont love anybody..

I love my kid but I have never been in some plot against him..

Everybody else can truly just fuck off..

You wanna know deluusiooonaaall..

An American born motherfucker that thinks hes some kind of kiiing..

Either hes waay waaay roumd the bend on drugs, hes delusional, or hes mildly retarded..

Whats next there wannabe rockwells and rockwell, you all gonna do crack like the people I saw on skid row and shit in the street Tyrone Biggums style..

Except I promise seeing it in real life in a very very fucked up ghetto isnt funny..

Listen here you stupid ignorant little shits.. i have lived ten thousand times more life than most your asses you will cut your stupid little pothead bullshit..

I dont know read a fuuucking book or something..

And yeah you all will leave me and my son out ya god damn mouths and lives..

I have a half brother that I havent seen in well over a decade because hes a stupid worthless pill head.. and thats well more than enough for me motherfuckers..

That has nooothing to do with feelings those are just facts you ignoorant hicks..