Anybofy caare to tell me why at my very good well earned job my ex came in and had his family fucking ruin it..

Then had my own fucked up in the head family turn on me for no reason other than their fear of getting caught..

You all lay allll the blaaame onn me you fucking want, but don’t think for one second that it won’t eventually bite you in the assss..

Yes, you all defended shady ways, you are all in fact raaaging npds..

The motherfucker is proooud to chase his ex wife around with weapons and other shit, he is prooud of beating women up.. he is prooud of being violent.. he is prooud of his assault record and the fact he robs people up..

And if any of you wannabe shady motherfuckers ever use my sons initials for your lame ass not even 8th grade speech motherfuckers, I will end you..

How about I start playing that speech and use yoour kiiids initials..

He is a violent very delusional criminal.. he is literally part of gangs..

If you wanna throw shade, you will be lumped in the same category and soooo maaany people have thrown shade at me it aint funny..

He is literally a violent repeat offender criminal..

And the only way to stand up to him or people that wanna be like him is to fuckin throw down back..

It is a recipe for a violent chaotic dystopian world..

I was never looking for utopia, but I sure as fuck aint looking for its opposite either..

Seriously, fuck your shade moootherfuckers..

You all wanna know what a raging idiotic bitch ass motherfucker narcissist is..

How about being a case manager for abused women, asking aomebody to save up for an apartment in lieu of fixing their car, the only place they have.. and say you can have time to do that..and then they pull the rug out from unnndeeer you just because they feeelt like it..

And thats a long standing pattern at the womens center..the place needs to be shut the fuck down theyre not helping anybody..

Theyre liars and manipulators..

Like all the rest of you shady fucks, and the only way to combat you idddiots is to lie the fuck back..

As far as I’m concerned I auotmatically assume somebody is throwing shade until proven innocent..

Noo nooo I dont think I will get on my knees you stupid fucking hicks..

Brought it right on round didnt ya like I said ya fuuuckiiin wooould you actual god damn motherfucking pieces of shit real life pimps..thats a crime..

And yes, I emailed those raging npd cunts at the womens center and called them just that.. I don’t care.. if the shoooe fucking fits bitch..

Shady, lying, maaanipulative motherfuckers, after I went in there and told them the god damn truth.

What incentive do I have to not play head games now..


What is in it for me now to not mess with somebodys head, or better yet just barely socialize at all..

I have asked multiple times that all staff at the womens center sign restraining orders pertaining to me and my son.. that better get done..

Louisiville and now LA, Kentucky, Tennessee, and California can now all get the fuck out of me and my sons lives..

Those biitches at that center threw shady ass shit at me for 6 god daaamn months and I was a player and took it and was patient and calm..

I peft making sure they knooow that normally I’m a really nice, sweet, caring person, but cross me like that and I am the shaaadiest motherfucker you will ever cross, and that will be your fuckin last time ever dabbling in it..

In deeep whaaat motherfuckers, all it takes in one god damn knife and you’re all real fucked.. like I got one isssue slicing my hands off and pulling the plug..

Wooork me a deaaal on whaat bitches, I’m not the one committing crimes..

What even dumber.. really stupid..

Is to commit crimes, place the blame on somebody else, make them pay for the crime..

That’s a whole other leeevel of fucking evil..

And then to biiitch about it that your alls hands got stuck up..

Don’t ever use me or my son again, and I am the only person that gave birth to that baby..

Apparently we all need a lesson as to who gave birth to who in the real world..

Hows this for a doggy biscuiiiit moootherfuckers, in the real world which is what counts, I gave birth to him..

You scum faaaced lying manipulating moootherfuuuckkers..

The cops better serve the entire womens center with a fuckin restraining order because if any of them go near me, I will attack them in self defense..

And whats worse is I still can’t escape the abuse of Joe. He still uses my kid as a weapon takes my kid around family that tried to kill me on his orders..

Spent a month freezing in that car..

Yeah noo lets not with the metaphors, aint none of you fucking worthless whoores frozen in some car..

I swear on it fucking all I will ennnd those bitches at the womens center..

I will end them i will end shade i dont care if it costs my god damn life motherfuckers..

I willl end that fucking fool Eminem you dumb motherfuckers all idolize and that rockwell fool too..

I will end that worthless stupid insignifcant piece of shit Marshall fucking Mathers, Dre, all of them..

I haaate Eminem, I hate his ugly ass kids, I hate his stupid ass shade, I haaate that motherfucker, I hope he chokes on a fuckin bone..

Hate him almost as much as I hate rockwell..

I really dont care if it costs me my life to end everybody, its only cost me everything else..

I’m gonna end some motherfuckers one way or another..

And if it costs me my life so fucking be it..

Im gonna end your alls stupid ass sabotage, and shade, and other various bullshit.. you all sound and act like idiots..

My family by the way especially Whitney and Andrew and Courtney and Charlie need to sign restraining orders immediately..

Andrew better never go within 1000 miles really of me or my son..

I have the videos of where he pulled guns on me..

I will throw a knife right into his head if he goes near me.. and it is self defense..

Same for Ginger and Joe, Eli needs to be in foster care.. and stay there..

And no he isnt allowed near religious people..

Do not go near me.. I will attack you in self defense..

The world is a stupid dangerous place, all of it, there isn’t anybody to be trusted..

Everybody I lay eyes on, that I don’t, is the enemy..

All 7 billion.. the enemy..

I have felt that way for years, and there aint shit thats going to make me feel different..

And yeah, shade throwers are a real particular enemy, the ultimate enemy..

I will end that worthless motherfucker with my life if i have to.. and I hate his bitch ass ugggllly assss siiin daughters and her fucking white trailer trash name..

The bitch belongs in a fucking does he.. stop paying people thaaat rhyme and poorly at that millions of dollars..

Claassless trashy ass motherfuckers , fuck off with all of your fucking stupid ass shade..

Oh Dre is perfect for him with his gutter ghetto ass..