An ax to grind..

Since everybody else is..

I’m real sick of everybody switching to team Shady to use me as their personal punching bag for things I never even did to them..

I’m sick of shade as an excuse, I’m sick of the excuses really..

I have been dehumanized, alienated, abused, raped and many other things..

Slim Shady also known as Marshall Mathers or Eminem, that’s where everybody gets their shady ways from.. he is from the Detroit ghetto with an 8th grade education and it shows..

And anybody taking on his personal brand, well, it shows on you all as well..

You all take in what takes years in some cases for a person to be elected and widdle it down to his 8 minute sound bite as if it is the word of god..

He wants to be President l, well for starters, he can’t be Zilla the Rap God. Righ there it says on every building. In God we trust..

Founding Fathers knew there was something greater and bigger than them, and that is democracy itself..

His quest for a clear job bump.. it’s almost Napoleonic..

The way he goes about things, the fear he instills in others, the pain, the suffering..

I’m sorry but if he or anybody like him was ever President, I’d either jump off a bridge or move to South America or something..

Also, I’m a private citizen, and my life isn’t up for debate, any part of it..

Also, anybody that actively is for Eminem or Dr. Dre or listens to their music isn’t allowed near me or my son..

That also goes for other “artists” like Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, countless others.. not allowed near me or my son..

That shit is not allowed in my life..

And most definitely not allowed in my sons life.. I do not need my 8 year old listening to motherfuckers murder their wives, and listen to girls make excuses for domestic violence and then reward it.. it’s not nor will it ever be appropriate..

If you wanna be a dumb ass that acts like theyre 8th grade educated, in those girls cases, wooorse.. then you can get your ghetto ass the fuck away from me and my kid..

And don’t even get me started on that loser pothead Rockwell..

If you support him, most definitely stay 1000 feet from me and my son..

I’m sorry, but where drugs are, other crime exists, and he’s just a crook and criminal and that is all he will ever be..

Stop glorifying criminals.. it really isn’t cute, it really isn’t funny..

You all wanna know how you look.. like uneducated criminal druggy losers..