To Joe.

You were alwaays a motherfucker you always did evvverything the bitch told you you never respected me once..

Put Eli in foster care and sign the god damn restraining order one for me and one for Eli, and that goes for your entire family..

That includes not only your parents and brother and his bitch wife.. that includes your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins..

None of you go near me or my son ever again..

It’s up to you and on you if any of you fucks read this..

Joe I want you in jail or prison rather for first degree murder as well as your mom and brother and dad..

Same things for my family..

Dustin and his..

First degree murder for all of you and I want you charged in TN.. I want the death penalty..

None of you are to go within 1000 feet of me or Eli… are we clear…

Im not kidding..

Sign the papers everybody and fuck off..

I want the NAPD, the Greenville PD, the LAPD, and a few others sued for assault.. and harassment…

Joe why do you know I’m in Los Angeles..

Get the fuck out of my life..

I am very serious when I say don’t go near me or my kid..

And no neither of us needed the cops a year ago when they turned our cry for help down, and we don’t need their asses now..

Cops are worthless..

Any cop that goes near my law abiding ass.. can expect a harassment suit..

I’ve reported police to the FBI before..

And yeah Joe I reported you to the FBI a loooong ass time ago.. your parents and family too..

I mean it not anybody goes near me at all.. I don’t want or need any people near or around me..

Don’t talk to me..

Don’t talk to my kid..

Eli goes to foster care and none of you fucktards ever speak to him again that includes everybody and more on my restraining order list..

And absooolutely nobody ever try to talk to me anything me ever again..

Fuck you the police.. fuck you all.. fuck the world..

And definitely fuck Joe..

Thats the deal none of you go near or speak to my son or me again and you go to prison where yooou beelooong..

Welcome to the real world..

I mean it any of you listed and a few others go near me, do so at your own risk.. I will smash your face in the concrete..


In self defense..