Missing persons..

Oh some sweet old lady thought she saw my photo in a missing persons poster..

I mean I went to make sure, but my family doesn’t file missing persons reports..

They throw shade and tell me it’s gonna be cold in my car..

Be kinda stupid to you know abuse somebody into being homeless and then turn around and file a missing persons report..

Anyways I’m moving soon and where I go isn’t anybody’s business..

I highly doubt annny of the hicks that are my family and used to be friends would ever have the balls to walk around skid row and look for my ass..

One hour of this place you know miight scaaar their precious little egos..

Too late now I’m leaving..

If it had been a poster of me I was gonna sue..

Anyways, it was nice of her to think somebody might be looking for me, but they aren’t..

They don’t give a fuck what happens to me besides they don’t want to go to prison..

It is allll documented allll of what they said and did to me, they don’t care if I die..

Let’s hope they all learn to regret it when they’re facing a judge for life in prison..

Or worse, I want the death penalty for a lot of them..

Anyways where I go isn’t anybody’s business but my own, everybody just done messed in my life their last time..

There isn’t one person besides my actual son that is wanted here..

It is always a reeeal big mistake thinking I want or at this point really need anybody..

Apparently I need everybody all the waaay to skiiid roooow..

Yeah, that’s some need there, people need that in their lives youre just so right..

Okay, well if that’s a need you all are mooore than welcome to come live here yourselves..

My entire family can sign their restraining orders now, one for me and one for Eli..

Joe and his family..

Dustin and his.. allll the people I named..

And yeah, let’s not get any ideas to file a missing persons report guys.. let’s not pretend like you care where I am.

That’s just real stupid and a waste of everybody’s time..

Everybody sign.. I ain’t callin you fuckin shit but a bunch of lying backstabbing bitches..

Anyways, there isn’t anybody looking for me, they’re only looking to save their fuckin ass.. Fuuuuck. Offff..

Oh it’s gonna happen.. a DA is gonna parade around photos of how my life used to be, and how it’s been the past four years..

Oh I’m gonna leave one hell of a note for a DA..

See anytime there is a dead body, that’s bad business for the law..

Sounds like a them problem..

And see guuuys when they haaave that problem, they need somebody to blame..

Sounds like everybody has a lot of problems that so aren’t mine..

Yeah now. If everybody can fuck off, leave me alone..

Leave me, my stuff, my money, what’s left of it, and my kid most definitely the hell alone..

Gooooo. Theeee. Fuuuuuuck. Awaaaayy..

Do not talk to me or my kid do not ask me or my kid to take your hand do not use excuses people are just shady..

Do not try to convince me some grown asses are born again as my son either..

Nooo the fuuuck you aiiin’t you thievin ho..

Everybofy sign restraining orders don’t go fucking near me or my kid, and if you do before I die, I’m gonna alert the FBI..

Like I have many times before..

Wooould nooot beeelieeve the amount of people and crime I’ve turned over to the FBI..

Yeah no, you fucks wanna call the cops on me for not even committing crimes..

And in all reality FBI hasn’t done much.. so I’d say legally they’re in some trouble..

Yoy all disgust me, you all mortify me, you’re all a fucking disgrace.. neeever gooo neeeaar meeeee or my kiiid agaaaaiiin..

I meant what I said, Joe and his entire family signs one for me and Eli, Eli goes into foster care..

I never once said evvver that annybody could have Eli or I..

If anybody tries to call me peaches or some other stupid shit I’m gonna smash your fuckin face into concrete..

I hate all that stupid ass shit, and I hope Beyonce rots in hell.. fuck that stupid fatass bitch..

Fuck rap, fuck r and b, fuck you all, fuck all your alls stupid ass bitch music..

Fuck society, fuck people, fuck the world..