Restraining order..

My entire family..

The womens center of Louisville.. especially Janice, Arlene, and Natalie..

Joe, and his entire family..

Dustin, and his entire family..

Dr. Muhammed Mian..

Dr. Alan at Clark Memorial..

Everybody at Malone staffing..

Everybody at Coit..

Everybody at Novell Remodeling..

Everybody at Greenstream International..

One for me and one for Eli and do not go near me, my son, or my property..

Doooo nooot i repeat do not anny of you go near me or my son..

Do not communicate to either of us in any way..

Everybody can sign the god damn papers now.. and all the fuuucks I don’t give about annybooodys vibe.. because mine was so carefully managed..

Do nooot goooo neeear meeee or myyy soooonn moootherrfuuuckkkkers..