Why is everybofy so fuckin afraid of it..

My problems can’t be fixed and no matter how hard I try I’m harassed out of fixing them..

Therefore, unfixable..

Death is the only answer don’t call me crying, well you won’t be able to, when half of you idiot fucks are charged with murder one..

I’m committing suicide via being murdered by Rockwell..

I want murder one on his ass..

And a few others..

Yeah guys a little distraction of idiot actors and musicians dating isn’t gonna cut it, far from it..

Their happiness, the extremely wealthy and selfish and fake.. means absolute fuck all to me..

You think they go to bed at night going well my happiness restores the faith in humanity for some idiot suburban blond bimbo, so I’ve done my job here..

No he’s flying on his private jets between expensive hotel to expensive hotel prolly buying his gf a lot of expensive shit.. getting drunk and eating the best food and alcohol in the world..

And what’s worse is every time you buy a movie ticket to his shit, you just helped pay for that..

Which is all fine and dandy if they weren’t raging hypocritical jackasses..

Like just be rich already dude, do you really need to rub smug pretentious wannabe artistic bullshit in our faces..

A smug line reader, he hasn’t been an actor in years, and a pretentious wannabe artist are dating, good for them..

My faith in humanity is gone after reading some idiot blonde bitches comment hers was restored and his happiness is all the matttters in the wooorld..

Yeah no, I was right, I give it 50 to 100 years before were praying to our Chinese overlords..

America is too stupid to function..

The American dream is dead, stop trying to raise it from the fucking grave..

Trying to solve new complex problems with old ways, and it’s gonna bite you in the ass..

California, where everybodys, their happiness is alll the matters precious little stars live.. is a perfect example of how America is gonna be bit in the ass nationwide..

Some day the rest of the country all of it will look like skid row..

I’m serious, the rich can’t get their pretentious heads out their asses, and the gov is overwhelmed..

Get used to smelling shit and piss stained streets..

California is a fucking disease..