Alice of GOMI and GOMI in general..

She’s a fucking fatass that claims in a fit of pure raging narcissism the internet is her while saying bloggers and youtubers and the like aren’t allowed..

She has no life other than to insult and berate the life choices of others.

And that’s all she does and is good for..

It’s real reaaally easy to talk a big game behind a computer screen..

But since she all about those low blows, and they are all low no matter how much lip gloss and well educated whatever she puts on top of it.. she is just an ugly chip on her shouldered fat ass.. that lacks empathy and compassion..

It’s not her fucking internet..

Maybe take the npd rage shit, and dial it down a few notches huh..

I’m serious the view must be nice judging all those people from such cheap seats..

Seriously, don’t go there, it’s just a bunch of elitist, well educated, wannabe important liberals talking trash about anybody that is different from them..

And instead of being caring and loving and maybe being teachers they chose the route of the smart ass..

I hooe the fat fuckin bitch chokes on a fuckin chik fil a sandwich..

There, I’m about as big as she and her followers are..

I could go on to talk about I’m actually really well educated, I did not grow up in a trailer park..I’m liberal.. people fall on hard times, blah fuckity blah..

But no.. just fuck her..

Fuck her, fuck her website, fuck her hate, fuck her.. I hate her..