All old posts are saved.. in case anybody tries to pull some shit..

I don’t really have much to say anymore..

Remember everybody, movies and music are still corporate consumerist America.. hate them.. hate them all..

I haaaaate and I mean haaaate all actors, actresses, movie producers etc.., musicians, etc.. haaate.. it is all bullshit.. they’re all fuckin classless, trashy, worthless can’t write their own shit scum..

Fuck corporate America..

Even the ones that do write their own, suuure, yeah they sold out..

Stop living in the lies that they all try to sell you..

I mean really, do we really need music past Led Zeppelin and Aretha Franklin, I mean really..

Do we really need movies past their peak in the 90s..

Maybe, I dooon’t know, stop with the Netflix and chill and go do something..

Get fucking lives.. all you all are doing is paying, not even artists, to have one for your ass while they rake in piles of American money..

Remember, we pay for their private jets and pent houses, they owe us their tax returns..

Thy owe us where they really get their inspo from for their music and movies..

They. Owwwe. Usss..

Until i see full audits on every rich person, especially the fame whores, I don’t care if Hollywood explodes right the fuck now.. I hope the movie and music industry implodes..

I hooope saaales are down and staaay dooown..

Also, we outslurce all pur jobs to China and other places, have all our stuff made in China, and you all really think we won’t need a bailout financially one day from them.. fuck you..

We are more concerned with what stupid fuck like Ariana Grande are doing than we are our own financial and fiscal futures.. and she is a stupid fuck with her stupid fuck bows on her stupid fuck head..

People are dying and all you fucks give a fuck about is the newest song and latest nike air… go fuck yourselves..

Does my Riri highlight look fleeeek guys.. I don’t know, when was the last time your ass did anything to help another person ..

I’m poor, and I help out other poor people all day..

The poor help the poor..

The rich don’t help the poor, it’s just a pr oppurtunity and a tax write off..

They’re all fake, they’re all stupid, and they none of them care.. they all use the poor for not only their money, but for pr stunts..

It’s all saved motherfuckers, fuck off my life, I hate you the fuuuck all..

There isn’t a god damn thing that’s gonna change fhat..

I will never live in Kentucky again, it is scum.. Tennessee is scum, California is scum.. Indiana, scum..

I don’t have a family, I don’t have friends, I feel as though I’ve been clear..

Stop trying. No more Doctors, no more failing meds..

I reallyhope China takes it all over and dissolves America, and you all will really wished you listened to a financial report instead of Ariana fucki g Gra de or Beyonce or Selena fuckin Gomez.. stupid fucking sluts to lure you away from real problems..

The American dream is dead, fuck off, and soon enough we will stop being a country..


I truly hate movies and nusic, I’m not kidding, I don’t find enjoyment in either. TV too.. none of it brings me any joy..

You have loads of shallow ass truly stupid people up there trying to explain to a public complex ideas, and most of them didn’t gradiate high school let alone college and they think they inderstand highly involved philosophical ideas..

Yeah, them being pretty isn’t distracting enough to see how truly stupid they are..

No wonder thet all date each other, any person with two brain cells would get past the initial, and be all, sooo you really are kinda an idiot huh..

They prolly break up because he forgot to compliment her on her newest lipgoss shade..

Seriously why do you all care if two pretty, dumb, shallow people like Brad and Angie break up, why give a fuck, when your house is prolly gonna foreclose and you’ll be ruled by Chinese overlords. As if your Chinese plastic filled house already isn’t ruling you..

Fuuuck.. cooorpooraaate, especially the Music and Movie industry America..

Hate them… haaate theeem alll..

Hate them, hate their stupid kids, hate their stupid lives, hate their stupid mansions, hate their stupid private jets.. haaaate them..

Hate their money, which is really just a culmination of your dollars on itunes or the like..haaate them..

Haaate.. there isn’t time to love anymore, haaaate..

Love is dead.

Fuck love..

Hate money.. hate people.. hate everything..

Really is, fuck your love bitches or your poor idea of it, people are starving and dying, fuck your love bitch..

It should be theeeem starving and dyiing, theeemm..

It should be Brad Pitt in line for food, not regular ass people.. it should be Eminem and his pathetic ass kids, Beyonce and hers..

My last wish is they lose it all.. every last cent and Hollywood and Music just goes away..

It’s all too stupid to breath so why is it alive at all..