Restraining order..

My entire family..

The womens center of Louisville.. especially Janice, Arlene, and Natalie..

Joe, and his entire family..

Dustin, and his entire family..

Dr. Muhammed Mian..

Dr. Alan at Clark Memorial..

Everybody at Malone staffing..

Everybody at Coit..

Everybody at Novell Remodeling..

Everybody at Greenstream International..

One for me and one for Eli and do not go near me, my son, or my property..

Doooo nooot i repeat do not anny of you go near me or my son..

Do not communicate to either of us in any way..

Everybody can sign the god damn papers now.. and all the fuuucks I don’t give about annybooodys vibe.. because mine was so carefully managed..

Do nooot goooo neeear meeee or myyy soooonn moootherrfuuuckkkkers..

Since you retards need fucking clarity all the god damn time..

All my posts earlier about Keanu fuckin retard Reeves being my boyfriend was a joke.. I’ve said it many times before this but it is a joke.. I think he is mildly retarded to be quite honest.. I mean he is cute and all but come on, have we all read his poetry, it is pretty painful stuff to sit through..

I’ve seen him in interviews, he is kinda smug, pretentious and full of himself..

I don’t know much about him but what I’ve seen I don’t like him at all..

I was clear from the get go it was all a joke and I meant that..

I honestly don’t give two flying fucks about him, his girlfriends, his happiness, any of it..

I never really did..

And honestly, if were being honest, his girlfriend isn’t really all that attractive..

She looks closer to 60, not 40.

What, if we are being honest.. and if she’s dating his smug ass, says a looot about her..

I’m sorry but the whole reason I made the internet bf joke about him in the first place, is I don’t buy that he is some super nice guy..

He seems like another washed up line reader taking advantage of his newly restored fame..

He is clearly milking everybody loving him again to death..

Well here sits somebody that never loved him and never will..

Seriously if he died tomorrow would it really effect your life.. prolly not.. stop giving so much of a fuck about rich overpaid little fucktards..

My moneys on he knows 18 words..

To be real honest I think I’d rather die of lung cancer than date a guy like him for real..

Anyways it was all a joke,always was, I was always clear about that, fuck off..

Don’t ask why this post needed to be written..


Why is everybofy so fuckin afraid of it..

My problems can’t be fixed and no matter how hard I try I’m harassed out of fixing them..

Therefore, unfixable..

Death is the only answer don’t call me crying, well you won’t be able to, when half of you idiot fucks are charged with murder one..

I’m committing suicide via being murdered by Rockwell..

I want murder one on his ass..

And a few others..

Yeah guys a little distraction of idiot actors and musicians dating isn’t gonna cut it, far from it..

Their happiness, the extremely wealthy and selfish and fake.. means absolute fuck all to me..

You think they go to bed at night going well my happiness restores the faith in humanity for some idiot suburban blond bimbo, so I’ve done my job here..

No he’s flying on his private jets between expensive hotel to expensive hotel prolly buying his gf a lot of expensive shit.. getting drunk and eating the best food and alcohol in the world..

And what’s worse is every time you buy a movie ticket to his shit, you just helped pay for that..

Which is all fine and dandy if they weren’t raging hypocritical jackasses..

Like just be rich already dude, do you really need to rub smug pretentious wannabe artistic bullshit in our faces..

A smug line reader, he hasn’t been an actor in years, and a pretentious wannabe artist are dating, good for them..

My faith in humanity is gone after reading some idiot blonde bitches comment hers was restored and his happiness is all the matttters in the wooorld..

Yeah no, I was right, I give it 50 to 100 years before were praying to our Chinese overlords..

America is too stupid to function..

The American dream is dead, stop trying to raise it from the fucking grave..

Trying to solve new complex problems with old ways, and it’s gonna bite you in the ass..

California, where everybodys, their happiness is alll the matters precious little stars live.. is a perfect example of how America is gonna be bit in the ass nationwide..

Some day the rest of the country all of it will look like skid row..

I’m serious, the rich can’t get their pretentious heads out their asses, and the gov is overwhelmed..

Get used to smelling shit and piss stained streets..

California is a fucking disease..

I’m leaving LA..

I hate it here I refuse to die here I refuse to be here anymore..

This place is a fuckin shit hole from hell and what’s worse? It’s ate alive by people from Hollywood and music..

Fuck LA, Fuck California..

I wasn’t even trying to move here I was ready to die and my stupid ass sister guilt tripped me into all this bullshit..

Well none of them can text me now..

No more guilt trips, fuck off motherfuckers..

I’m not saying where I’m going..

Too late now for everybody means my dead body..

Peace bitches, and fuck you all.. you’re all worthless sacks of shit..

I saw on the internet some rando person said her faith in humanity was restored because Keanu Reeves has a giiiirlfriend.. I have never been more sure now that I am ready to die..

I mean I got stripped of my life by freaks.. stripped of everything I worked for for years.. and I’m staying alive now because people have faith restored by some idiot actors love life..

Every day I wake up thinking maube somebody will do something serious for people without housing and can’t find a real decent job.. but his girlfriend is what restores faith in people..

And he is just another elitist overpaid jackass, yes..

Well sure guys, happy for the smug ass elite couple..

But see my faith in humanity might be fucking restored if the housing crisis in america was fucking ended motherfuckers..

Yes I’ve never been more sure I’m ready to die, I’m ready to kill myself now..

The world is just too stupid for me to be alive now..

Seriously thst is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read in my life, I want to slit my wrists right the fuck now, but I refuse to give California the satisfaction..

Stop giving Hollywood and music your attention, your money, and your time..